How to Cancel Automatic Recurring Payment in Paypal

The automatic payment subscription system in PayPal is very useful. When this feature you activate the automatic balance will be cut off every month or in accordance with the period that has been determined. And you don’t need to log in to pay manually.

However, if you want to cancel this recurring payment. You must log in to PayPal account, to stop this automatic payment due. So that the balance we have is not truncated when it matures. Now, I will share for stop it.

You can follow this steps, Correct ways to stop or cancel recurring payment in Paypal.

How to Cancel Recurring Payment Paypal

1. The first step, you must log in to your Paypal account, Click Here.

2. Next, click Setting (gear icon), on the top corner right.

3. Tap Payment on the list option, and select Manage pre-approved payments

4. And choose Recurring Payment, You want to cancel.

5. And now, click Cancel.

6. after your click, later will show pop-prompt, Tap Yes. You’re Done!

That’s best ways to unable recurring / unsubscription in the PayPal. And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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